What to wear for hiking in Cusco

What to wear for hiking in Cusco

“Clothing is a fundamental part of trekking routes. Without a doubt, choosing the right clothes and brands is important, since this will allow you to feel comfortable on the route and protect yourself from climatic variations .”

The Inca trail to Machupicchu is one of the most incredible trekking routes in the world, it was built by the Incas more than 500 years ago, and it is a jewel of history and adventure. It is made up of a cobblestone route, you must walk for 4 days, between mountains, archaeological sites, fascinating views and unique landscapes during the tour.

If you are thinking about living this adventure in 2024, it is important that you organize your personal items and of course that you choose the appropriate clothing for the walk. Yes, you are a lover of outfits and trekking, join me in exploring this publication. I will recommend the basic garments that you should wear for the Inca Trail and I will also share the best outdoor fashion brands and trends .

What clothes should I use?

1.- Warm jacket

You need a warm jacket to cover yourself from the cold of the Andes

Likewise, you can choose classic colors like black, beige, and blue, however if you want to innovate your outfits you can go for strong colors like red, yellow, or fuchsia. The brands we suggest are Merrel , Columbia, and Doite for their material and practicality.

2.- Rain jacket

You need a rain jacket, keeping in mind that in the Andes, drizzle is common and you should be prepared.

The colors we suggest are classic ones like black, beige and blue, however if you want to follow the next outdoor trends , you can challenge yourself with strong colors like red, yellow or light blue. Likewise, the brands that you can choose are Merrel , Columbia, Doite and Mountain Gear , due to the quality of their materials, which are thermal and waterproof.

3.- Thin fleece shirt

You need a thin fleece shirt, which will retain heat, preventing our bodies from cooling. The colors should match the jackets, to maintain harmony . As for brands, we recommend North Face and Columbia, for their thermal quality .

4.- Long sleeve polo

You need three long-sleeved polo shirts, which you will wear inside, which will allow you to feel comfortable and safe. Likewise, taking into account the colors, we recommend solid colors such as black, pops of blue and pastels. Since they are very practical and combinable. The brands you can choose are Norht face or Columbia, pioneers in Spandex and polyester materials and also the seams have good grip on the body.

5.- Short sleeve polo shirts

You need three short-sleeved polo shirts, to be able to change, and also travel the fresh and comfortable route , the colors we suggest are up to the traveler’s choice , you just have to recommend that they be combinable. The brands we suggest are North face , Andina Oudoors , and Lippi . In the same way as the short sleeve polo shirts, the materials are good and resistant polyester, spandex among others.

6.- Pants

You need three trekking pants, since you will be walking for several days and you need to be able to change. Likewise, the colors we recommend are the basic ones , black or beige that combine with everything. In terms of design, it is important that you feel comfortable and that they can contain some pockets to store objects. Regarding the brands, you can choose Columbia and Merrel , due to their materials.

7.- Short

The shorts are an optional garment, and depend on each person, however if you choose to wear them, we recommend combinable colors such as black or beige and also that they contain pockets. The ideal brands are Columbia and North. face

8.- Wool hat or Chullo

You need a wool hat or a “chullo” which is a typical hat from Peru, which will help you protect your head from the cold . As for colors and designs, it is a free choice, however, remember that it must be a slight combination with your other clothes. Likewise, for the hat we recommend the North Face or Quechua brands , also for the chullo you can use any Peruvian brand.

9.- Long socks

You need four pairs of long socks, the colors, design and brand are free to choose; However, you can consider thermal tights as an interesting option in basic colors from the Merrel brand.

10.- Underwear

You need 4 interiors, since you must change every day, likewise, the brand and design is free choice.

11.- Hat or cap

It is important to choose a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun and the weather conditions of the Inca Trail. Likewise, the color and design is free choice , the brands we recommend are North Face , Columbia and Andean Gears

Outfits and Combinations

The new trends in hiking, trekking and outdoor activities for the year 2024, in terms of clothing, consist of pastel colors and also classic colors, which have been accompanying explorers around the world.

Brands like Columbia, Merrel and North Face have been innovating their designs and color palette, so you will have more options to choose and combine comfortable and beautiful outfits for this adventure.